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01. vapour trail - tespassers william; 02. stay with me - sam smith; 03. how we love - ingrid michaelson; 04. stuck on you - new politics; 05. my heart with you - the rescues; 06. here without you - boyce avenue; 07. lucky - bif naked; 08. build you up - kim taylor; 09. somewhere only we know - max schneider ft. liz gillies; 10. wait for me - kings of leon

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crybabyanbu ;  
"Hey, this is not a good idea. What if somebody sees you?"

"Shh—” The dark haired woman put her hand over her comrades mouth, pulling him into the safety of the bushes. “Be quiet! Anko said I couldn’t spy on Gai while he was training and stay hidden the whole time— I’m proving her wrong.”

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'Mulan' quote starters

"How lucky can they be? They're dead."
"You will never bring your family honour."
"Well we can't all be acupuncturists!"
"No, your great-granddaughter had to become a cross dresser!"
"Stop me? He invited me."
"Ah, I see you have a sword! I have one too! They're very manly. And tough."
"Lemma hear you say AH!!"
"You wanna stay, you gotta work."
"I am the guardian of lost souls!"
"My ancestors sent me a lizard to help me?"
"Down, Betsy!"
"Make a note of this; Dishonour on you, dishonour on your cow!"
"Beautiful, isn't it?"
"Look, this tattoo will protect me from harm!"
"Punch him. That's how men make friends."
"Relax, and chant with me."
"Stay that to my face, you limp noodle!"
"I do love surprises."
"He started it!"
"I didn't ask for his name, I asked for your name."
"He doesn't talk about me much."
"Tomorrow, the real work begins."
"Look, it's porridge. And it's happy to see you!"
"I think my bunny slippers just ran for cover. Come on, scare me, girl!"
"Wait, you forgot your sword!"
"That's not funny."
"Yeah, 'cause I owe you a knuckle sandwich."
"Oohh, tough guy."
"I'll get that arrow, pretty boy. And I'll do it with my shirt on."
"Let's get down to business."
"I'll make a man out of you."
"You haven't got a clue."
"I'm never gonna catch my breath."
"This guy's got her scared to death."
"Heed my every order, and you might survive."
"Pack up, go home, you're through."
"What do you see?"
"We can avoid them easily."
"We should return it to her."
"Hey, this is not a good idea. What if somebody sees you?"
"If you're so worried, go stand watch!"
"We're doomed!"
"I know we were jerks to you before, so let's start over."
"I'm king of the rock!"
"We have to fight!"
"Snake! AGH!!"
"Boy, that was close."
"That was vile!"
"I never want to see a naked man again."
"Don't look at me, I ain't biting no more butts."
"This guy's messing with my plans!"
"We're not finished!"
"I'll hold him, and you punch."
"I saw that."
"You like him, don't you?"
"That's better! Much better! Let's go!"
"You owe me a new pair of slippers."
"Excuse me? I think the question is who are you?!"
"I should have your hat for that!"
"Think of instead; a girl worth fighting for."
"Bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer."
"He thinks he's such a lady killer."
"Yeah, the only girl who'd love him is his mother."
"I'm sorry."
"Oh, sure, save the horse."
"You missed! How could you miss?!"
"We need help!"
"I knew we could do it! You the man! Well, sort of."
"From now on, you have my trust."
"He's wounded, get help!"
"I can explain."
"So, it is true!"
"I knew there was something wring with you!"
"I didn't mean for it to go this far!"
"It was the only way!"
"My debt is repaid."
"But you can't just..."
"I never should have left home."
"Maybe what I really wanted was to prove that I could do things right. So that when I looked in the mirror, I'd see someone worthwhile. But I was wrong. I see nothing."
"I can see you, lookit you, you look so pretty!"
"I mean, you risked your life to help people you love."
"At least you had good intentions."
"You ... lied to me?"
"We started this thing together and that's how we'll finish it. I promise."
"They popped out of the snow! LIKE DAISIES!"
"Go home."
"Why should I?"
"Please, you have to help!"
"No one will listen!"
"Huh, I'm sorry, did you say something?"
"Okay. Any questions?"
"Ugly concubines."
"I tire of your arrogance."
"So what's the plan?"
"You don't have a plan?!"
"Way ahead of you, sister."
"I need firepower."
"Your worst nightmare."
"Guess you're out of ideas."
"Not quite."
"I am ready, baby!"
"That was a deliberate attempt on my life!"
"Stand aside! That creature is not worth protecting."
"She's a hero!"
"That is enough!"
"I've heard a great deal about you."
"You can have his job."
"Is she allowed to do that?"
"You fight good."
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all."
"You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty!"
"The greatest gift in honor is having you for a (enter whatever)"
"If you ask me she should've brought home a man!"
"Would you like to stay forever?"
"Dinner would be great."
"You know, she gets it from my side of the family!"
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I’m a very private person. You don’t ask, I don’t tell.
—Unknown  (via whitenes-s)
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"Will this rain ever let up? I’m tired of being stuck in this room.”

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                          “ƜƖԼԼ ƝƠƬ      

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Kakashi’s brow furrowed- he understood, all of it- all of the pain in watching others die, not being sure whether or not you are the evil that you’re being told to fight. Being a ninja took a toll on the mind like nothing else could. He placed his hand on her shoulder in a comforting way, “By witnessing these things, you are able to protect your home and the people that live within it. That’s really the only thought that gets me through some days.”


She ran a hand through her dark locks, pushing her bangs out of her face. She was thankful for her silver-haired companion, who was doing his best to pull her out of the dark place she had fallen into. But sometimes, pulling herself out of the hole was harder than it seemed. 

"I try to tell myself that, but I can’t force myself to believe it—truly, I mean."

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//I’m sorry i haven’t been active in here- I’ve lost my muse for kurenai a little bit. I’m trying to get it back, though.

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My character is lying on their couch, clearly suffering from a high fever, what does your character do?


Don’t just leave her there…


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